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Accelerate workflows, while increasing quality of care
with BioMatrix Interfaces

Patients come in different shapes and sizes – this variability, be it weight, height or mobility can strongly impact the workflow of an MRI exam. Patient transport and positioning can be especially challenging. Additionally, user experience can vary. No matter how tall, big, or mobile a patient is – or how experienced the technologist is – BioMatrix Interfaces accelerate the workflow in order to increase quality and improve cost-effectiveness.

BioMatrix Interfaces simplify how the user interacts with the scanner. With one-touch positioning using the Select&GO screen and the underlying BioMatrix Body Model, positioning can be performed 30%1 faster and delays due to incorrect positioning can be avoided. Simply select the region or organ to be scanned for reliable patient positioning without the need of detailed anatomical knowledge.

With the new BioMatrix dockable table, the optional eDrive support provides motorized assistance so that even the heaviest patient can be effortlessly moved to and from the scanner. All the user has to do is to guide it to its destination. This makes patient transportation easy for any kind of user and any kind of patient.

Find out how the BioMatrix eDrive table and Select&GO panels work:

All benefits of BioMatrix Interfaces at a glance:

  • Fast and easy positioning for any type of patient
  • No need for detailed anatomical knowledge
  • Easily transfer patients with minimal training

1Data on file.